April 11th- April 14th: Expo Chicago with Richard Heller Gallery


December 4th-December 8th:Untitled (art fair) Miami with Richard Heller Gallery

December 5th-Decmber 9th: NADA (art fair) Miami with Stems Gallery

November 4th -December 16th: Solo show: The joy of the incomprehensible’ at the Richard Heller Gallery (Santa Monica)

September 4th- October 7th: ‘Post Picasso show’. A groupshow with a work of Pablo Picasso at the Gallery Mayoral (Paris)

June 2nd- July 29th: ‘A Party of Moods’. A small solo presentation at the Stems Gallery (Paris)

May: TEFAF New York with Gallery Mayoral

March:Art Paris with Gallery Mayoral

March: TEFAF Maastricht with Gallery Mayoral

January: Art Geneva with Gallery Mayoral


December: Untitled art fair with Richard Heller Gallery

November: Art Cologne with Gallery Mayoral

October: Phillips private sale (curated by Angeliki Kim Perfetti)

October: Sketches at Marian Cramer Gallery (Paris)

September: KIAF art fair (Seoul)

August: Enter art fair (Denmark)

July: Limited edition with exhibition A

July: CAN art fair with Marian Cramer Gallery (Ibiza)

April: Expo Chicago with Richard Heller Gallery

April: Misa art fair (Berlin)

March: 24 hour edition with Misa

January: Group show at Marian Cramer Gallery (Amsterdam)


December: Untitled art fair Miami with Richard Heller 

December: Group show ‘Satellite of love’ at Richard Heller Gallery

October: Online group show by Artistellar (curated by Adele Smejkal)

October: Group show at Août Gallery (Beirut)

October: Group show ‘universes 4’ curated by Sasha Bogojev

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