August: online MISA

October: group show Août Gallery (Beirut,Libanon)

October: group show Droste Gallery (Paris,France)

October: online group show Artistellar

November: Group show Richard Heller Gallery (Santa Monica, US)

December: group show Eternity Gallery (Miami, US)

December: Untitled art fair with the Richard Heller Gallery(Miami)


January: group show Marian Cramer projects (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

March: 24 hour edition with MISA Berlin

April: Expo Chicago with the Richard Heller Gallery

April: MISA pop up art fair, Berlin

July: CAN art fair with Marian Cramer projects, Ibiza

July: limited edition with Exhibition A, (US)

August: Enter art fair, Copenhagen with Droste Gallery

September: KIAF (art fair), Seoul with Droste Gallery

Surrealistic portrait